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Information about the guild

1) Guildcharter

Guild’s goal
Creating a tight-knit community of respectful people who are dedicated to explore wow to the fullest

Guild’s attitude
As a guild we expect our members to be dedicated and loyal. Not only to the guild itself but mutually between the members as well.

Most important aspects
We value respect, kindness, helpfulness and dedication over loot and in-game success. Our policies are meant to work toward ensuring a positive environment in which we can all enjoy the fruits of our labour.

2) Code of conduct

• It is expected that all members of the Guild treat each other with respect.
• Continuous use of so-called ‘leet-speak’ or foreign languages is not encouraged, try to use (standard) English in the guild channel. Bad language is tolerated, but if taken to excess or if members complain about it, the offender will be asked to moderate their language. Continued excessive swearing can ultimately lead to disciplinary action. Also bear in mind that our members come from different backgrounds and all ages races and sexes.
• other Guild Members. If you need help with item trading or other dealings in the guild, feel free to ask an Officer for assistance.
• Cooperation is something we pride ourselves on. We wish this tradition to continue. It is not expected higher level characters give up too much time to help out the lower level characters, however, help is always appreciated and reciprocated.

Disputes and Arguments between Members
• We are all human and we will, at some point, disagree with each other. All arguments should be handled discretely. This means no spamming guild with insults, accusations etc. All arguments should be taking to private channels (email, PM's, /w, /p) as soon as possible.
• If a problem can not be resolved please bring it to the attention of the appropriate GM or Officers as soon as possible.
• Under no circumstances are arguments to be carried on using the Forums. This causes more problems between Members and makes the Guild look bad. The same rule applies on IRC, Ventrilo or Teamspeak or any other place where the disagreement can be viewed publicly.
• The GM and officers have the final word in any dispute between Members.

• We are not a guild that wants to police its members. We hope to use this section only rarely, but any breach can be reported to the Guild Master and/or Officers who will deal with the matter.
• The Officers are responsible for deciding how to deal with Members who break Charter rules.
• Officers have complete freedom of action and can warn, fine (as reparations, in case of breaches related to money or items), demote or remove Members as they see fit. Immediate removal from the Guild will only occur in the gravest of circumstances. If possible, the breaches should be discussed by several Officers before the more severe measures of demotion or removal are taken.
• Breaches by initiates will face a lower level of tolerance than those of full members; they may be removed without consultation if their actions make clear they don’t share the general guild spirit.
• If problems are related to an item, the class of an item (rare, epic) will be taken into account.
• The Guild Officers have the right to use their judgement concerning anything that is not covered in the Guild Charter.

The next set of lines consist of elements which are still changeable, yet it is here to give you a general idea.

3. Raiding

Available days and hours
• Monday & Thursday: 6.30-9.30 AM
• Saturday & Sunday 7.30-10.30 AM
• Officers: Being online 15 minutes before.
• Members: Being online 5 minutes before.
• Having drinks, flasks and food buffs available.

Information about myself:

1) What kind of guild I want to be part off:

• Kind (way of speaking)
• Respectful (way of acting: no %*@#!ing/ Pointing fingers)
• Helpful (supportive environment)
• Dedicated (being on time, being prepared)

• A lot of my free time up to 30hours a week
• 12 hours of raiding per week (+ preparation / evaluation time)
• Spread of guildpower

2) How much work can I put in

30 hours of free time:
• Leveling myself
• Giving advice
• Helping / listening to members
• Meeting with officers
• Other guild-related affairs

12 hours of raiding
• Starting in Cataclysm
• + preparation time
• + evaluation time

PS: The server is still to be chosen.
If you are interested in forming this guild with me, please contact me.  You can do so by joining this guild page, contact me online on Stormreaver-server (Kaillia) or write me an email / talk to me on msn (
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